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Top-Tier Estate Litigation

Resolving Your Probate Court Matter

While losing a loved one brings families together to mourn, it also ushers in uncertainty. Along with sadness or hurt feelings, unresolved family issues abound.

Those left behind are responsible to figure out how to transfer or inherit property from the person who died. Sometimes family members have a right to inherit, and other times they do not.

At LifePath Law, APC, we probate wills as well as open probate for families who cannot find a will. We provide agile representation for our clients in contested probate issues and we litigate contested trust matters.

Because the probate court often orders alternative dispute resolution and mediation, we also provide alternative dispute resolution and mediation services for our clients. Informal settlements are available.

While mediation is often used in probate litigation and estate contests in California, if opposing counsel is unwilling to mediate, we are prepared to go to court on your behalf.

Specific Experience In Estate Litigation

At LifePath Law, APC, our Sacramento practice is concentrated on estate law matters. When you need a lawyer, we offer solid legal services cultivated by our successful record in trust and estate litigation.

We understand the high stakes and pressure you are under while facing questions about your future now absent your loved one.

Sometimes the best way forward is with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Contact LifePath Law, APC, when need help with:

  • Trust and will contests — When the information found on the trust is not what the deceased wanted
  • Breach of fiduciary duty — When the trustee is not giving information as requested
  • Misappropriation of funds by the fiduciary
  • Failure to account — When the trustee is failing to carry out required duties
  • Self-dealing by fiduciary — Unjust enrichment, abuse of power

Serving Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay and Sacramento, LifePath Law, APC, can help you alleviate the distress that comes with estate litigation. Call our office for a complimentary phone consultation at 916-245-1398. If you prefer, you may contact us online.