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Facilitating A More Painless Post-Death Process

Probate, trust and estate administration is the process that occurs after one has died of transferring the decedent’s assets. Probate is the court process which must be used to transfer assets if someone dies with a will or without a will. While probate could potentially be avoided or at least made much easier with a well-prepared and fully funded estate plan, the process could take years to complete.

Located in Sacramento, LifePath Law, APC, works to make probate, trust and estate administration simpler for loved ones, to ease the burden as much as possible. Our post-death administration services include:

  • Probating a will
  • Intestate administration (dying without a will)
  • Small estate administration
  • Spousal property petition
  • Succession to real property
  • Trust administration
  • Filing required notices to beneficiaries and state and federal agencies
  • Trust accounting, notices and waivers
  • Subtrust funding and administration
  • Petitioning the court for approval of trustee actions

Our attorneys work with clients through the entire process of estate planning and administration. We believe estate planning and administration is more about the journey than the destination, and we aim to lead you through that journey to protect the security of everyone involved.

Minimizing The Costs And Stress Of Probate


Through proper estate planning, our lawyers can mitigate the costs of probate or even avoid them altogether. However, if you do have to deal with probate, our goal is to minimize the worry and conflict that might result.

Poor estate administration could lead to conflict in probate court. While we do offer litigation services for those who need it, our primary objective is to help you avoid that entirely. For assistance with the California probate process or to learn more about our services, call 916-245-1398 for a complimentary phone consultation, or reach out online to get started.