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Trust-Based Estate Plans

Making Your Wishes Clearly Known

There are many types of estate plans, and a trust-based plan is one created by an attorney to have the title of your assets held in your revocable or living trust while you are alive. The trust will generally include documents such as:

  • Revocable trust
  • Pour over will
  • Power of attorney
  • Advanced health care directive
  • Ancillary documents

Your assets include your real and personal property, bank accounts, automobiles, collectibles and other accounts you transfer your ownership of to your trust.

This type of legal planning ahead of time makes it easier for the transfer of those assets named in your trust to be directly distributed to the persons you designate upon your death.

After your death, the property you have listed and properly transferred into your trust will be passed along appropriately outside of the probate court.

Your Choices Will Be Honored When You Die

With a help of a lawyer, you can name whoever you wish to receive your assets. Many people keep their beneficiaries to their spouse and children. If you do not have a spouse or child you may name your parents, siblings or cousins.

Others designate their favorite California charity or nonprofit organization as beneficiaries to receive the bounty of their estate.

Saving Your Family From Costly Probate Expenses

With a trust you can avoid California probate court. This allows your assets to be directly distributed to those beneficiaries you named in your trust.

It is important to be sure that all of your assets transferred and owned by your trust are properly owned in the trust. Our firm can do that for you. We offer the services of formal funding, maintenance and update program for your trust.

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