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Formal Funding, Maintenance And Update Programs

The provisions of your trust apply only to those assets properly “funded” or transferred to your trust. Through our Formal Funding Program, our dedicated funding coordinator works with you and your various financial institutions to coordinate the initial funding of your trust through not only preparing all of the necessary transfer documents, but also obtaining verification of such transfers.

During the maintenance phase of our Formal Funding Program, we offer services such as:

  • Annual review of your assets in trust
  • Transferring assets to your trust that you acquire throughout the years

Our Maintenance And Update Program

Your estate plan should change with any changes in your finances and life so that the plan that is administered at the time of your mental incapacity or death will most closely reflect your situation at that time instead of the circumstances in existence at the time you originally created your plan.

Regularly updating your estate plan for changes in the law is also important because a trust is administered based on what the trust document itself says, and the state and federal statutes and case law in effect at the time of the trust’s administration, which could be many years after the trust is created.

Our unique Formal Maintenance & Update Program allows us to bridge this gap in service from the time you create your trust until the time you need it to work: during your mental incapacity and at your death.

Our Formal Maintenance & Update Program includes:

  • Annual review of your assets in trust
  • Transferring assets to your trust that you acquire throughout the years
  • Conference calls with our funding coordinator to address funding questions
  • Annual review of dispositive terms of your trust and ancillary documents
  • Annual update for changes in your life affecting your estate plan
  • Annual review of changes in the law affecting your trust and ancillary documents
  • Regular update for changes in law to various parts of your estate plan, including your trust, ancillary and supplemental documents
  • Conference calls with attorney to address any questions or concerns regarding your estate plan
  • Educational workshops offered throughout the year

Our services are unique and unlike those offered at any other estate planning firm in the region. Call 916-245-1398 today for a complimentary phone consultation, or reach out online to see if our services are a fit for you.

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